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Back Posted on: 26 January 2024

Introducing Jo Flint, Chief Operating Officer at r10 Consulting, part of Alchemy Technology Services. Jo has been instrumental in steering the company to notable heights, including recognition as the "Rising Star Company of the Year" and accreditation as an Investor in People.

Under Jo's strategic guidance, r10 Consulting is at the forefront of addressing key challenges in the insurance sector, adapting to dynamic industry trends with a people-first approach. Join us as we explore Jo Flint's impactful journey and her role in shaping a more inclusive and dynamic future in the insurance industry.

Your journey at r10 Consulting has been impactful. Can you share some key milestones or achievements during your time as the COO at r10 Consulting?

During my tenure as the Chief Operating Officer at r10 Consulting, I am proud to highlight several key milestones and achievements that demonstrate our commitment to excellence and employee representation.

One standout recognition was being honoured as the 'Rising Star Company of the Year,' a testament to our unwavering dedication to fostering a diverse and supportive workplace. This accolade specifically acknowledged our commitment to supporting the female talent pipeline, reflecting our belief in empowering and advancing women in the workforce.

Another significant accomplishment was achieving 'Investor in People' accreditation. This recognition not only validates our focus on employee development but also emphasises our dedication to creating an environment where every team member can thrive both personally and professionally.

Being featured in the Sunday Times' 'Best Places to Work for Small Company' further underscored the positive culture we've cultivated at r10. This acknowledgment is a testament to our commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive workplace, where individuals are not just employees but integral contributors to our collective success.

At the heart of all of these achievements lies our firm commitment to our people. We believe in providing not just jobs but fulfilling careers, and our emphasis on inclusivity reflects in every facet of our operations. From leadership initiatives to mentorship programs, we are continually striving to create an environment that encourages innovation, representation, and collaboration.


Congratulations on being named 'Insurance Woman of the Year' in 2022. How has this recognition influenced your approach to leadership and your commitment to supporting women in the insurance industry?

Winning the 'Insurance Woman of the Year 2022' award has been an incredible honour. This recognition from the industry and my peers has significantly influenced my approach to leadership. It has fuelled my commitment to championing diversity and empowering women within the insurance sector. This accolade serves as a powerful reminder of the positive impact that a commitment to supporting women can have on our industry. 


Your passion for encouraging women to achieve their potential is evident. Could you share specific initiatives or strategies you've implemented to foster a more inclusive workplace at r10 Consulting?

Fostering an inclusive workplace is at the core of our values, and I've been committed to implementing initiatives that empower women and promote diversity. The 'Talent Pathway' stands as a testament to our dedication to provide a structured guide outlining skills for career success whilst promoting inclusive ways of working.

Flexibility is prioritised to accommodate diverse needs, allowing our team to thrive both professionally and personally. We've established employee-led committees covering critical areas such as ESG, Mental Health, and DEI, ensuring diverse voices contribute to decision-making. Collaborating with charity partners amplifies our impact beyond the workplace, while regular employee pulse surveys and 'shoutout awards' celebrate exceptional efforts, demonstrating that listening to our people is integral to our success.

Given your experience in the insurance industry, what do you see as the key trends and challenges that insurers are currently facing, and how is r10 Consulting part of Alchemy positioned to address them?

A pivotal trend is the ongoing emphasis on digital transformation. Insurers are navigating a shifting landscape where the adoption of advanced technologies is paramount. There's a distinct focus on automating processes to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and improve overall efficiency.

 At r10 part of Alchemy, we recognise these industry trends and challenges. Our commitment to addressing them is reflected in our comprehensive suite of project management and technology services. We stand at the forefront of digital transformation, leveraging innovative solutions to help insurers navigate this evolving terrain.

Through our strategic project management services, we empower insurers to implement effective digital strategies, ensuring seamless transitions and optimal outcomes. Simultaneously, our advanced technology services offer tailored solutions that align with industry needs, whether it's implementing cutting-edge automation tools or enhancing customer engagement platforms.


As someone deeply involved in Insuring Women’s Futures with the Chartered Insurance Institute, how do you see the role of women evolving in the insurance sector, and what advice would you give to aspiring women professionals in the industry?

My involvement in ‘Insuring Women’s Futures’ reflects my commitment to women's advancement. The role of women in the insurance sector is evolving positively and there are so many inspiring women really spearheading this. My advice to aspiring women professionals is to work towards your aspirations confidently while supporting each other. It's a privilege to be able to champion other women and support women in business. As women, we can be incredibly hard on ourselves. The trade-offs we have to make are real and as working women you have to get comfortable with that - so support each other.


The recent acquisition of r10 Consulting by Alchemy is significant. How do you envision this collaboration benefiting clients, and what new opportunities does it open?

The synergy between r10 Consulting and Alchemy positions us uniquely to drive positive change in the insurance sector. By providing expertise in project management and technology services, we enable insurers to not only adapt to current trends but also stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.


The collaboration opens new opportunities. These include:

  • Expanded Service Offerings: The collaboration allows for expanded service offerings, providing clients with a more comprehensive range of solutions.
  • Expanded Market Access and Customer Base: Clients benefit from expanded global and London Market access, providing more opportunities and a broader customer base.
  • Access to Innovation and Technology Solutions: Clients gain bigger access to innovation and technology solutions through the combined partners of r10 Consulting and Alchemy.
  • Combined Talent Pool: The collaboration brings together the talents of both teams, including permanent workforce, Associates/Contractors, and SMEs, enhancing the overall capabilities of the combined entity.
  • Full End-to-End Project Delivery Capability: Clients can expect a full end-to-end project delivery capability, ensuring a seamless digital transformation journey.
  • Wider Range of Skills: The collaboration provides clients with access to a wider range of skills, leveraging the expertise of both r10 Consulting and Alchemy.
  • Global Reach with Proven Track Record: The combined entity offers a global reach with a proven track record, enabling clients to thrive in the rapidly evolving insurance landscape.
  • Access to Better/Broader Insights: The collaboration combines the expertise and knowledge of both companies, providing clients with better and broader insights.