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Back Posted on: 4 July 2023

As we enjoyed the brief but glorious sunshine of June 2023, we also welcomed a group of talented individuals to the Alchemy team. Our newest recruits include ten recent graduates and three placement students, joining the ranks of the graduates who joined in February (who also received a warm welcome, albeit in much cooler weather).

As a forward-thinking organisation, we understand that bringing in new talent and perspectives is essential to staying at the forefront of our industry. Welcoming these graduates into Alchemy is not only about providing them with opportunities but long-lasting careers; it's a win-win relationship. We provide them with a platform to continuously learn, grow, and shape their own professional paths, while they, in turn, contribute to Alchemy's innovation and evolution.

Our onboarding program at Alchemy is specifically designed to empower our new team members as they embark on their exciting journey with us. From the very beginning, our goal is to instil confidence and enthusiasm in our recruits, ensuring a smooth transition into their roles.

Here’s a glimpse into the key elements of our program:

We kickstart the onboarding journey by introducing our graduates to the Human Synergistics® Circumplex behavioural model. This model serves as a visual framework to facilitate discussions on behaviours, performance, and personal development. It weaves a shared language among our team, fostering a constructive culture of continuous improvement.

One by one, our recruits were carefully matched with mentors who have travelled similar paths, creating opportunities for knowledge sharing, guidance, and collaboration. We believe that successful Alchemists possess not only technical expertise but also exceptional consulting and professional services skills, therefore, we focus on providing training on technical and professional services skills, including client interaction and problem-solving.

To familiarise our new graduates with the insurance industry, we offer the Introduction to Insurance Level 1 (ILF1) course. This comprehensive program covers a range of essential topics, including the different types of insurance, the role of insurance companies, and the insurance regulatory framework. Through a combination of lectures, case studies and group exercises, we equip our graduates with the knowledge to understand, evaluate, and effectively communicate about insurance. Considering the vital role that Guidewire plays in the insurance industry, we also ensure that our graduates are well-versed in their technology by providing them with a thorough introduction to Guidewire fundamentals and an examination.

Our onboarding journey concludes with an introduction to Bootcamp, originally the brainchild of our Business Analyst, Nikki Cairns, in early 2020. Bootcamp is a simulated project environment designed to prepare our team for the transition to billable project work. The simulation closely mirrors the real deal, with Scrum-based team arrangements and sprints that mimic agile projects. Within this simulated project environment, our graduates can apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills, fostering confidence, honing their abilities, and improving effective collaboration with their fellow team members.

As we welcome this new group of recruits, we look forward to seeing the contributions they'll bring to our team!