Meet Mark, one of our Senior Technical Analysts!

Posted by: Gabrielle Skelton 21 October 2021

Mark joined Alchemy in June as an experienced Software Developer, having previously worked in various Developer and Consulting roles in the insurance and financial services industries over the past 5 years.

Since joining Alchemy, Mark has obtained Professional certification in Guidewire ClaimCenter and Chartered Institute of Insurance certificates. Currently, he is on a project for a Canadian Insurance Company, focusing on their underwriting fraud initiative.

What were you career goals at the time of applying to Alchemy?
My main goal at the time of applying for Alchemy was to progress as a Software Developer and become an expert in my field.  I wanted to continue to educate myself in the insurance software industry and Alchemy really provides the growth, resources and training to do so.

How has your role developed and how have you grown professionally since starting with Alchemy?
When I joined Alchemy in June, I started as a Senior Technical Analyst, I had previous experience in insurance software, however, since joining Alchemy, I have gained a lot more industry knowledge through Alchemy’s extensive training programs. On top of this, I have also become a mentor for junior colleagues through the Alchemy mentoring programme that started just this year.

Have you discovered anything about yourself since you started with Alchemy?
I have discovered that I really like working on a wide range of projects based in different countries around the world. No two projects are ever the same.

What’s your favourite perk at Alchemy?
Alchemy offers such fantastic perks, but the one that stands out most for me is the quarterly 20% bonus, not many companies offer that.

What makes Alchemy stand out from other companies?
The employment structure and the culture! There is no middle management, you take responsibility and ownership for what you do day to day. You are trusted.

The culture at Alchemy is unique, we collaborate and share knowledge which makes the team stronger and the outcomes better for our customers.

The ability to progress your career at such speed is a huge win for me, it’s not something I have seen before in previous employment.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?
I see myself progressing my software skills and becoming a subject matter expert in Guidewire software.

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