Meet Joshua, one of our Senior Technical Analysts

Posted by: Gabrielle Skelton 30 November 2021

Josh joined Alchemy in 2018 as part of the 1st ever Academy. Since joining Alchemy, he has achieved ACE, PolicyCenter and Rating Guidewire Certifications. Joshua has now taken up a role which involves leading a development team to deliver high value initiatives for their client, planning for future sprints, preparing and supporting new releases and also supporting junior members of the team. Joshua is also a key contributor in the Alchemy Academy for new Alchemists, providing training and also taking part in promotion panels several times a year.

Since he has been working on a Newcastle based project for the European wing of a Japanese insurer, he has also had the opportunity to travel and work in both Dublin and Washington DC.

Where were you working before you started Alchemy? Please give some details about your role and prospects.
Before joining Alchemy I had just graduated from Queens University with a degree in Computer Science and was actively searching for graduate positions.

What were you career goals at the time of applying to Alchemy?
I was hoping to find a position at a company where I could work hard, learn a lot and become an expert over time. I was looking for somewhere I wouldn’t feel like just another number but part of the company.

How has your role developed and how have you grown professionally since starting with Alchemy?
I came through the first Alchemy Academy where I earned my first Professional Certification in PolicyCenter. My role now is leading a development team to deliver high value initiatives for our client. A typical day would involve working on more complex deliverables, preparing and supporting new releases to our Production system, planning for future sprints with our client and supporting the junior members of the team.

 Several times a year I would also be involved in interview panels for the Academy and internal promotions, as well as delivering part of the advanced training provided through the Academy.

Have you discovered anything about yourself since you started with Alchemy?
I never saw myself in a leadership position, more blending into the crowd type. With the experience and confidence I’ve gained since starting at Alchemy it has opened my eyes to more possibilities I can be capable of.

What’s your favourite perk at Alchemy?
My favourite part about Alchemy is the support structures we have for all our employees no matter what level you are. The mentoring program supports and gives guidance to individuals with their professional development, while on project teams we always aim to ensure everyone gets the support they need and they can get the most from their experience.

What makes Alchemy stand out from other companies?
Alchemy has a non-competitive culture so when promotion panels come around you won’t be competing against your colleagues for a few available positions, instead it is focused on if you meet the required grade and feel ready for the step up.

Another big area is the opportunity and support for progression in your career at a pace that suits you, if that means certifications, one-to-one sessions or even a Human Synergistics course it’s all available.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?
My next few years I intend on working towards a Junior Architect role and becoming an SME in the Guidewire InsuranceSuite as a whole.

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