Alchemist Spotlight – George; From Insurance Broker to Technical Analyst

Posted by: Sarah Canavan 13 November 2019

George joined Alchemy on Academy 3 and is a Technical Analyst on a large scale project in Newcastle. He previously worked as an insurance broker dealing with the insurance requirements of businesses in Northern Ireland. Having originally studied for a Bachelor’s degree, George took a break from study when his son was born.

On hearing that Alchemy was setting up in Derry, George took the plunge and decided to enrol on the Master’s in Professional Software Development at Magee.

What first interested you in Alchemy? 

When Alchemy was first announced in the media, I was immediately interested. I always wanted to work in the Tech/IT industry and knew I could use my previous knowledge from the insurance industry to my advantage.

What were you most looking forward to/worried about when joining the Academy? 

I was looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into a new role at a fantastic company in my home-town. I was excited by the prospect of meeting new people, learning a trade that I’ve always been interested in and travelling to different cities around the world.

If I’m honest, I was worried about not getting a place on the Academy or being offered a role with Alchemy as I didn’t believe in myself. However, the team at Alchemy helped me realise my potential through the training and development offered.

Has the role lived up to your expectations?

Yes, it has. Initially, when speaking to the Alchemy staff, it sounded like the job was “too good to be true”. I have now experienced the job for myself and can honestly say that Alchemy is a great company. It offers many opportunities for anyone interested in getting into the Tech industry.

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

Being valued as an employee and being recognised as someone who will make a difference. I only ever felt like a number in my previous jobs, however Alchemy has helped me realise that I am much more.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years? 

I’ve come a long way in the last 3 years; from leaving a career as an insurance broker, completing a Master’s in Software Development, to getting an ideal job as an Alchemy Technical Analyst. When they say, “the sky is the limit”, it really is and I intend to keep moving onwards and upwards in life and in my career.

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