Supporting the digitisation of the insurance industry with new talent and expertise

We provide core systems implementation and consultancy services directly to insurance companies. We also work in partnership with software providers and systems integrators.

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Excellence in software implementation

Insurers are proactively investing in upgrading their digital platforms to keep up with consumer trends and expectations. Now, more than ever, digitisation is a top priority for CIO’s, globally.

Our people are well rounded resources, who are able to seamlessly integrate and work alongside any team, on any project, globally.

As a near-shore operation, we deploy resources quickly and efficiently to client site. Government backing supports our rapid growth and extensive training so we can provide fully-certified resources with a competitive rate card.

The majority of our people hold both Irish and British passports, facilitating hassle-free international travel.

Who we work with

Partnerships with software providers and system integrators

We work closely with industry-leading software providers to ensure we have access to the latest training and updates available. Our people are trained by the software experts, the people who work with it every day.

We create strategic partnerships which mean our people are at the heart of the digitisation of the insurance industry.

We also work alongside system integrators to ensure projects are fully staffed with the knowledge and resources needed to deliver for clients.

Directly with insurance companies

With our flexible training model we are able to tailor our academy content to individual and specific project requirements. ​You drive demand, so our training and certifications will reflect your needs exactly.

Our close-working relationships with software providers means you benefit from our access to industry leading training with the people who know the programs and software the best.

As our people are certified with the Chartered Institute of Insurers, they understand the industry, they know the nuances and pain-points.

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Gold standard bright sparks

We train and certify our analysts to industry leading standards. We encourage our people to be the best versions of themselves to provide the best outcomes for our clients.

As the new talent in insurance digitisation, our well-rounded resources integrate seamlessly into any project, anywhere in the world and become part of the fabric of your organisation.

Why choose to use us?

Because we let you drive the demand. We steer our training and services to reflect your business needs, providing a truly tailor-made solution to support your goals.

Certified resources

Because we invest significantly in training our people who are certified by the software providers we work with.

Tailor-made training

Because you drive the demand, we will steer our training to reflect your needs. We will communicate with you about your pipeline projections to meet immediate and long-term needs and to ensure we both get value from the training.

Flexible resources

Because you will have access to a flexible resource pool who can be quickly deployed to provide support throughout the lifecycle of the project. We are adaptable and responsive to the changing nature of projects.

People benefit

Because we attract, train, employ and reward our people. You get the benefit of their expertise without any people-management responsibility.

Competitive rate card

Because we offer competitive rates through the low costs of our near-shore resourcing operation. Our positioning means we have easy and convenient access to international and domestic airlines.

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News and Insights

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Our projects

Whether it’s working alongside key global insurers or in niche markets with specific regulatory challenges, our people fit seamlessly into any project.

We’re experienced in partnerships with software providers, whether it’s creating on-top add-ons to existing offerings or implementing upgrades and advances to existing platforms, we deliver exceptional results each time.