Have you ever wondered what a typical day looks like at Alchemy HQ?

Posted by: Sarah Canavan 10 September 2019

Liam, one of our Technical Analysts, took some time out to take you through what a typical day at the office looks like when not travelling.

Liam is a successful graduate of our first Academy. Since joining Alchemy in November, he has been working in a development role as part of a project team configuring industry leading software to the specifications of an insurance provider. On assignment to the project, he worked on site in Wales and Leeds for two weeks to meet the project team and to get first hand experience and knowledge of the software and client need.


I get up just before 8 every morning to get ready and have some breakfast before either driving or walking to work depending on the weather as it’s only a 15 min walk from where I live.


I usually get into work just before 9, I connect my laptop to my desk set up and first check my emails and respond to any new emails before beginning my tasks. My team have a dedicated website to manage our project and assign tasks, so I use this to shape my day. I have daily conference calls at 11.15am with my team (based in Leeds) to update everyone with what I am working on or get advice if I have been having any issues with the software.


I normally take lunch between 12pm and 1pm for roughly one hour and I usually go somewhere nearby like Tesco or Subway but sometimes a group of us will go to QuayWest instead. It’s great being in the city centre as there is so much choice.

Once every couple of weeks, we’ll have a “brown bag lunch” session. Lunch is ordered in for everyone in the training room and we spend the hour having a catch up with the leadership team about upcoming projects. It gives us a great insight into how the company is moving forward and the “big picture”. It also gives us a chance to ask anything we want, it’s a great open forum.


Some days I have a 2-hour conference call after lunch with the project team to plan out next sprint – defining and deciding which tasks should be ready to start for the next sprint (sprints lasts for two weeks at a time).

As I am relatively new to the team I regularly check in with my mentor based in Leeds. He would look at my work and give me feedback on how I did and if I could have done anything differently. It’s great having someone on the end of the phone to connect with for advice.

End of day

Before finishing up for the day I would make sure I have replied to any emails I have received and save all my work. After work I usually go straight home but some Fridays a few of us would go out for some drinks after work instead. The Alchemy team are fairly social so more often than not, we go to the local!

I really enjoy working at Alchemy, my co-workers are easy to get along with and everyone wants to help each other. Even though the company is a start up, it is progressing forward at a rapid pace. It’s exciting to see it develop into a bigger company with more staff, resources and opportunities.

I think it’s a great place to work, I’ve enjoyed it right from the start and genuinely enjoy coming into work every day.


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