5 ways to make your application stand out

Posted by: Sarah Canavan 10 September 2019

The Alchemy application process is very straightforward, we have tried to make it as simple as possible for our prospective alchemists to put their best foot forward. You will not find any aptitude tests, longs essay type questions or group interviews.

There Are 3 Simple Steps To Applying For A Role With Alchemy:

  1. Upload your CV
  2. Answer a few simple questions about yourself and your background
  3. One interview with a 2 person panel (consisting of a short 5 minute presentation titled “Hire Me Because…”)


  1. Make Sure Your CV Is Easy to Read
    This sounds like an obvious one, but make sure your CV doesn’t have any formatting issues and is laid out in an organised fashion. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but the layout of your CV plays an important part of your first impression to us.
    Pick a font style and size and make sure it is consistent throughout, different font sizes and styles can make a CV look messy.
  2. Spelling Punctuation and Grammar
    Poor spelling, punctuation and grammar can be “make or break” for a job application. Use spellcheck, but also proofread your CV before you send. If you need to, ask someone else to read it over for you, a second pair of eyes can always be helpful!
  3. What Are Your Qualifications?
    When listing your qualifications and certifications, please make sure to include the year the course began/ended, where you studied and what grade you achieved. Make sure to start with your highest level certification first, and work your way backwards.
    Different courses cover different topics, so be sure to include a list of some of the relevant modules you have studied, choose the modules we will be looking for based on the job ad we have posted.
    Do you have programming languages or know Agile? Tell us! Make it clear to us what you can bring to the table.
  4. Relevant Work Experience
    Make sure to include any placements or voluntary work that you’ve done. That can go a long way in boosting your application.
    Try not to go into too much detail about part time jobs you had at school or jobs that are not relevant, your CV needs to be precise and straight to the point.
  5. Give Full Answers to the Questions That Are Part of the Application
    There are 3 questions which accompany the application. Please think carefully about how you answer these and use them as a tool to help us broaden our understanding of you.We don’t need essays, just a paragraph is enough to show us you have taken the time and effort to consider your answer carefully.
    The main thing to remember is that your CV is your opportunity to give us a snapshot of who you are and why you want to work for us. Make your goals, ambitions and skills clear. And don’t use comic sans…We look forward to receiving your application!


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